About Us


 At Chandlery Candle Co, it is our mission to produce aesthetically pleasing, high quality candles that are safe for all of our customers to enjoy. A lot of love goes in to our candles, as we carefully hand-pour each one in small batches to ensure the quality and consistency. We use the highest quality ingredients, and design our products with your home and space in mind.


Our Wax: We only use 100% natural soy wax locally grown because it burns cleaner, safer and will last 30% longer than other comparable waxes.


Our Fragrance: Nature is the inspiration behind all of our fragrances. We offer fresh and unique combinations with the simplest notes in mind.  Each candle is made with high quality fragrance oils that are 100% phthalate and paraben-free and all of our essential oils are 100% natural and skin safe.


Our Wicks: Our wicks are all natural cotton without the use of lead, zinc or synthetic fibers. This ensures a cleaner and safer burn while you enjoy your candles.

Our Vessels: We source our vessels with sustainability and simple aesthetics in mind. We believe our products should compliment, not distract from, the aesthetic of your home. Each vessel is chosen to be a high quality container that can be re-used and re-purposed within your life.